Our work

The vine

Winter: The main task is pruning. It lasts almost 3 months and takes place once the temperature has come down to avoid any harm. Pruning is critical because it prepares the harvest of the year and that of the year after.

Spring : In order to have organised rows (to be able to work easily and to prevent diseases to spread), we tie up the vine and train the shoots on strung wires. Once it is dry enough, we work on our soils.

Summer: The vine is now very green and growing fast. The main tasks are protecting the vine from diseases and keep rows as ordered as possible.

Autumn: According to acidity and sugar analysis of the grapes, it is time to start the harvest and get the new vintage in the cellar!

The wine

Of course it depends on the vintage but some basic steps are key

White wine: Once the grapes are in, they are immediately but softly pressed. We keep the juice cold for 3 days so that any leaf, skin and heavy material falls at the bottom of the tank. We only keep the very clear juice and start the fermentation. We always keep the tanks cool to have a controlled, slow and soft fermentation that allows to have more complex and interesting aromas.

Red wines: The grapes arrive in the cellar, only the fruits are pumped into a tank . This maceration will last approximately 3 weeks (depending on the vintage) and the alcoholic fermentation is taking place. During these 3 weeks, we do daily pumping-overs to maximise the contact between the juice and the skins which tend to be at the top of the tank. Once the maceration and malolactic fermentation are fully done, we immediately pump the newly born wine in oak barrels.


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