Our story

Our story is very simple…

Isabelle and I have both parents who were winemakers. She grew up in Champagne and I in Alsace. When I graduated from the University of Bordeaux and became oenologist in 1978, we both were willing to have a tremendous life experience and we went to live and work in Australia. We stayed in Clare Valley, close to Adelaide, for 6 years where I was in charge of one of Remy Martin’s vineyards there.

After this fantastic period, we decided to move forward by launching our own business. Where was the big question: Australia? Champagne? Alsace? We ended up in Bordeaux because we had fallen in love with this region where the climate, terroir, space, grapes are so varied and lovely.

So, in 1989, we settle in Rions, at the heart of Premières Côtes de Bordeaux. I discover high quality and complex soils, still affordable vineyards and I already can imagine the nice wines I could make here.

For 25 years now thanks to a fabulous small team, we grow our vines, make our wine and sell it.

What makes us happy day after day is creating precise and intense wines able to say how rich our terroir is and always driven by pleasure and epicureanism.